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Geocontexting the Printed World - Amsterdam

This site puts early printers and publishers from the time period
1450-1825 literally on the map. By means of a geographical interface
with georeferenced historic map layers the various locations of these
former printers and publishers are visualised. All the locations are
clickable and link to specific biographical data, printer's marks, and
(sometimes digitised) printed publications of the early professions.
By using this spatial-temporal application the rich printing history
in Utrecht and Amsterdam is unlocked. Besides offering easy access to
a tremendous amount of old printing data, the site also aims to be a
source for scientific analysis of spatial patterns in book and print


Filtered out streets with names that were different from current names and streets no longer existing. The former were related to the BAG id's of their nowadays counterparts, the latter's coordinates where rewritten as geojson. In a few instances where a second name variant was given a new record was made with a same-as-relation to the record with the first name variant.
Apart from streets, imported city-gates as well.


Paul Dijstelberge, Marco van Egmond, Margot Nolta





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